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What Is Intermodal Transportation?

Intermodal transportation is the use of two modes of freight, such as truck and rail, to transport goods from shipper to consignee. The beginning and end points of the journey tend to be ocean and rail, but trucking is frequently used to connect them, and that’s where intermodal trucking comes in. Commonly referred to as drayage, the specialized trucking that connects ocean ports, rail terminals, and inland shipping docks are typically provided by dedicated companies like All Points Transport.

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Where we Deliver?

We service the Ports of New York and New Jersey. Our team is dedicated to the greatest customer service to both our customer and our fleet. Customer Service in Trucking is not just a dream away, but just a call or email away. CSX North Bergen is the name of a renowned terminal operated under the supervision of CSX Intermodals Terminals Inc.

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Let’s discuss what your shipping needs are and let’s build a plan to make it happen. We’re happy to listen and execute. Use All Points as a gateway for all of your Port of NY|NJ shipments and we’ll let you focus on what your best at. With us you can stream line your containerized shipments all across the country. One major port and one major fleet, with over 150 trucks. Get your import or export containers on the street with our fleet.

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